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Fri, Mar. 5th, 2004, 09:24 pm
Crazy and Cynical

Thursday: I had the craziest night. Usually I refrain from going out to the bars however Thursday I got talked into it. We mobbed 12 deep and just went nuts. We almost got into about 4 fights, we had a huge snowball fight, got very drunk, and lost. At one point we were walking a block north of the apartment we were supposed to sleep at, however we couldn't find the apartment building. It was very disappointing. I am confused about drinking alot. On one hand I enjoy it on the other though I know it isn't good for me. Usually by only going out now and then I have a happy medium. I need to find some resolve though and pick a side.

Friday: Went out to dinner with my gf at place called Zolos in Boulder. The food was bomb. They had possibly some of the best guac I had ever eaten. I got fish tacos and she got tuna. It was both excellent. Since we usually go out every week I was surprised we had missed this place. It wasn't very expensive either, so that was nice.

This is when the fuzziness started. After she left my house about 2 hours later I got a phone call. Last night her friend died. She was in hysterics, crying for a hour and a half. I just tried to talk and listen to her best I could. However today I called her and in the morning she was still kinda hysteric. I called and checked on her again this afternoon and she is just like "I'm fine I'm fine" in this totally bitchy voice. Whenever she has any kind of emotional issues rather then talking about it she just bottles it in and acts really out of it and pissed off. Usually it is at me for something I did or something like that. So I just keep on bugging her until she tells me why she is upset and talks about it. It takes forever sometimes but usually she feels better afterwards. She has this thing where she thinks she has to act tough all the time and showing any weakness will make her less of a person I guess. Im in general not to up to sharing my feelings with people I dont know, but to people I am close to I will usually let them know. It is just annoying because I want to talk about this stuff and try to help if I can but she wont let me. That is why when I do something I bother her until she tells me what the problem is.

However, with this I cant to it. I dont know how to act. I dont know what to say, what to do. I dont know if I should just let her talk about it on her own time or ask. I dont think she should bottle all of it down, but in this case I wonder if its really my place to say anything. If not we are just going to have the most painful awkward conversations for awhile until something gives.

Sat- Went to work, lifted, went out to dinner with kurtis which was fun. We went to Old Chicagos got some pizza and just kicked it. I had quite a bit of fun. After I just came back home and hid in my hole in the basement from the world. Played some video games and got some reading done. The gf is supposed to come over tomorrow but I dont know if she will now. I dont know if I could deal with it if she did. 8 hours of awkward silence is something I dont know If I can bear if she wont talk to me about how she really is.

Tue, Mar. 2nd, 2004, 08:52 am
Steel Reserve = Superior to normal Beer

Monday was generally odd. I had schoo, then went to Aurora to go to planned parenthood. I got there and dutifully waited in the lobby while she got her shot. Then, I had to cough up the cash to pay for it. Just call me suga daddy.
Anyway, I guess the gf's friend brother or had died that dayt. I found it pretty odd since she had never talked about him before and in general it didn't seem like they were close at all. However, she was pretty broken up about it so conversation usually revolved around me saying whatever odd thing that popped into my head and giving me a one word answer. I could understand her being like that if it was someone close and she saw often. Oh well, eventually I just gave up and talked about nothing. I did have a very tasty sandwhich and bowl of soup at Panera bread so it kinda cancelled out the bad conversation to leave the total meal as ok.

Then I went to my friend's bball game with Bud. He is huge and can dunk the ball so it was like "DAMN!" Then We played and I jammed my finger.

Tuesday pretty much revolved around my physics test. Learning physics is so much work, then taking the test is alot like taking your brain and going SMUSH SMUSH SMUSH and then throwing you out the door once it is over. Thankfully I stopped on the way home and bought some brain juice. My brain juice came in 40 ounces and said Steel Reserve on the side. When I got home I drank that played some cs and my brain returned to a functional level. GG!

Its Wednesday and I gotta work tonight. I am not looking foward to it :D

Sat, Feb. 28th, 2004, 09:30 pm
So much weekend

Lets see thursday/friday recap: Went to work,school etc.

Friday night I saw Donnie Darko. Overall was a very enjoyable movie. I couldn't decide whether or not he went back into time, saw into the future, or was just crazy and it was al lin his head. No matter what though, it was very thought provoking and enjoyable. However, the rabbit character creeped me out a ton. I wish I had that costume though, that would be the best halloween costume.

For normal people the weekend represents time off. For me, the weekend represents no sleep and tons of work. Sunday nights like this I become kind of delirious. I tried to watch Rocky this afternoon, and instead fell alseep on the couch. I woke up at about 6 tonight and had dinner with my family. I was just kinda of groggy and out of it for a while. I wish there was more time for me too sleep Friday and Saturday nights but oh well. It is the only time I can see the gf, so I just have to grin and bear it.

Saturday night we went over to her friends house and playing drinking games. I only drank a 40 since I had to drive home eventually. It was really funny though because Im a relative good President and Asshole player because in high school my friends and I would play it for hours and it would become super competitive. My gf and her friends aren't very good. I was president everyround except for 2. Of course being the nice guy I am I'd make all sorts of rules where the 2 girls had to drink. The result was me and my gf's friend's bf being kinda buzzed and the two girls smashed. My girlfriend gets all crazy when she is drunk, and makes me laugh alot. However, today I talked to her and she told me I was the one who was making all the stuff she did up. I just laughed. Why would I make up stuff that she did? She couldn't answer that and got mad :D.

Thats about all I can think of. Next week is going to be super stressful because it is midterm time. I think I'll be ok though. Hopefully can just keep focused etc.

Also tomorrow have to go to Planned Parenthood and get my gf her shot. I think overall the shot is more economical then condoms because it is only $40 every 3 months where as condoms can run you up to $8 a weekend. Planned Parenthood overall is a pretty nice place. Everyone is usually pretty helpful and informative. When I think about stupid programs such as cutting funding to there, yet giving more money to abstinence programs I cringe. Teenagers are going to have sex, it is that simple. The only usual reason they will not is for religious reasons. Abstinence programs cater to teens that already would not be having sex. However, for the majority abstinence programs are going to have no affect on them. However, funding for greater safe sex education, what the real birth control options are, etc. makes sense. The majority of teens engaged in intercourse could actually extract some value from those programs. I would rather have funding go towards cheaper condoms, cheaper pills, cheaper shots etc. I believe this would actually have a real affect. Anyway, this is going in circles and becoming redundant since I cannot think of anything too clearly right now since I am so tired.

Tue, Feb. 24th, 2004, 11:01 pm
Another Day

Another Day gone.

Nothing remotely noteworthy happened. I did get a new pair of Jordan's. They are baby blue and so tight. I cant even find a picture of them on the footlocker website or I would post it. I also got a pair of sweats.

Other then that, went to school, came home played video games, did homework. I also gave Bud a ride to work.

I suppose not all days can be action packed.

Tue, Feb. 24th, 2004, 09:42 am
Mornin Sunshine

Tuesday is a hell day for me. I wake up at 8, go to school until 2, then go to boxing. After boxing I go straight to work then to lifting. I think my arms are going to fall off sometimes. But enough bitching.

Work was fun yesterday because it was the A+ crew and bud was there also. It made everything much more enjoyable. I also received a pair of Mardi Gras beeds which I wore around like a giddy little school girl. I didn't go out to any Mardi Gras celebrations however. This is due to the fact that I have a physics lab today and I didn't want to repeat last Wednesdays incident of trying to do it drunk. GG SOBER!

Yesterday in class our teacher presented a new concept to us called "Comment Pollution". Basically what it is the larger group of people you have, the more a stupid question/comment, from someone in the group, hurts the entire group. That is why the larger group you have the more lecture oriented they become. If you have a small class someone saying something stupid only effects a small group of people so the total loss to society isn't that great. However, if you make a stupid comment/question in front or a large group there is a tremendous loss in terms of people wasting there time thinking about it, thinking about what a moron you are, etc. I enjoyed this concept since it has such a practical value. The more people realize this, the less likely they should be prone to make stupid comments. (Or I would hope anyway) On that note, I am off to school. HOLLA!

Sun, Feb. 22nd, 2004, 11:10 pm
Neva Eva!

I had a pretty good morning. I woke up to my gf calling.
She apparently had driven down here and was waiting to come over. She came over, then we went to King Soopers and bought stuff to make breakfast burritos. After that we went to starbucks. We then went home and made breakfast and watched some tv then fooled around. After that I had to run to school so I could get there on time.
School was same as usual, french, math, and lots of reading the atlantic monthly. After class I went and lifted. Then I came home and played counter-strike and eventually did some homework.

Today also was the finale of My Big Fat Obnoxious Wedding finale. I found the show hysterical. I wish I could be drunk and obnoxious and get paid for it. I suppose though for a job like that there is a huge waiting line :D. For 500k I would put my family through that and not think twice. Hopefully they would understand at the end. If not I'd buy a new family. I would probably have to buy a white trash family since that really isn't that much money. But hey it is a new family ya heard! I would include, the stoner brother, drunken dad who throws stuff, the slutty mom who chain smokes menthols and her slutty teenage daughter. I would also get a double wide. I could finally where trucker hats without irony. However I suppose trucker hats have become too passe at this point. I'd find something new like, I dunno a 80's mustache and chew stains on my shirt. I'd also get to drive a Camaro! That would be so dope. I consider getting a Camaro quite often just as it is, My new family would finally give me the validity that I always needed to finally go through with the plan.

Dizzee Rascal is cool for a British rapper. It is just british music with rapping. There is also another video on tv playing that I think I am going to download here in a second. I am not sure what it is, but it sounds pretty good. It is almost over here.....It is.........the Yeah Yeah Yeahs....wow dope song. Anyway time to finish up music downloading. Peace.

Sat, Feb. 21st, 2004, 09:52 pm
Its Sunday where did the time go?

Lets see, what happened since Wednesday?

Thursday: school, boxing, work, lifting, home

Friday: French Test, Physics Homework, went to gf, saw EuroTrip

Eurotrip was relatively funny. Relative meaning it was better then being punched in the side of the head. It had its funny moments. The best was whenever he got email the computer would say "YOU GOT MAIL MOTHERFUCKER!". Over then that I was relatively meh about it. I did enjoy the number of breasts that were shown. They were on average extremely nice breasts as well which made it that much better.

After the movie fought with my gf for a bit about me supposedly insulting her. I didn't even say what she was mad about, she said I implied it. However, I didn't even mean to imply it so we had to discuss and work that out. Arguing is so much work. It drives me nuts.

Saturday: Worked! then after I went to gf's.

I went and visited the gf at her work. There is this guy there that wants to get in her pants and she introduced me to him. I just glared at him and said "How you doin?" He looked confused. Then that was the end of that. After we went to her friends house and played President and Asshole for a while. It was really fun. I got pretty tipsy then we went back to her house. I got home and got 3 hours of sleep then moved on to

Sunday! I worked then came home and played cs. I am going to do homework here in a second.

Today's annoyance of me is that I didn't become a tech worker and make millions of an ipo. I was reading wired today and they were telling about all the fun things people did when they became rich during the dot com bubble. Snorting blow, buying new cars, insulting the ceo, frivalous lawsuits, running away to mexico, marrying strippers, etc. Then my aunt and uncle who did now live on a yacht and travel around the world. That is why I need to get my brother and the next door neighbor to become inventors of some sort. I will then take my business degree, translate their geek talk into things normal people can understand and make millions. Then I can do all of the for mentioned things. HOLLA!

Tue, Feb. 17th, 2004, 10:32 pm
Part 2

After reading quite a few livejournal I've decided no longer will I right in long winded paragraphs. Be prepared for puncuation and sentence structures! YA HEARD!

Tue, Feb. 17th, 2004, 10:13 pm
I wish they gave drugs to the people on the real world

What livejournal is really about :D
Past couple days have been odd. Tuesday was pretty normal, but we got really really drunk at work. We did such a bad job and were just out of control. Between me bud dan and dave we killed a bottle of 100 proof rumpleminz 2 bottles of jager a bottle of champagne and a bottle of tequila. Then afterwards we decided "hey we still can talk and walk lets go drink more" We went to Woodys as usual since it is super close to our houses. I just remember getting all rowdy. At the end we prepared to throw down with some guy because dan said he was talking smack but he wasn't and we were just drunk. Then as Dave was driving me and him home he started hollerin at this girl in front of her bf and he just stood there and was cool with it. I would have got rowdy if a guy was hitting on my girl in front of me. Bitch I'll stab you! It's pimps, pimps threat nukkuh! or something to that degree would be yelled. Today had bunch of errands, got my tires balanced, and then came home and played cs and watched tv rather then doing hw. gg being lazy. Im watching mtv and Jessica simpson is on. She is so hot but so damn dumb. I'd have to find someway to keep her mouth busy so she couldn't talk. Fo eazy kid!

Sun, Feb. 15th, 2004, 11:14 pm
All my people that drug dealing just to get by, stack your money till it get sky high!

Today went pretty well, test went meh, probably got 88 if im lucky, the lowest test grade gets dropped so hopefully I can bring the other ones higher and get this one dropped. The quiz went cool. After those I went and lifted. Then the gf came over because she had today off. Her, me, my bro and mom went to noodles and company. Then We just chilled and watched reality tv shows on fox, then fooled around. It was like 10 at night and I was getting tired so I told her she could stay or she might want to leave soon. Instead she gets all huffy and runs out like 2 minutes later. I tried to explain I didn't mean that exact second, but she just was all bitchy and like "you said you were tired so Im going". I dont understand girls sometimes. If you are tired you sleep, I dont know why that would make her mad at me just because I was tired. Oh well, I give up. It is not worth trying to analyze and think about. She does stuff like that sometimes but usually gets over it by the next day. Hopefully she just wont be mad tomorrow. Also I think somehow I hurt my jaw, it hurts like a motha fucka. I also picked up the new Kanye West CD. I've listened to the first couple tracks so far and it is tight. I recommend ya'll cop that shit furreal kid!

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