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Sun, Apr. 4th, 2004, 11:40 am
Viva Las Vegas!

Well the last week was just a relative haze leading up to this weekend.

On Friday Bud and I left for Las Vegas. We got there are midnight and began the madness. First we went to the New York New York and got some food and just took everything in for a bit. Then we went excalibur and ran around playing blackjack and keno. After a couple cocktails we realized it was about 4:30 in the morning, so we headed off to the strip clubs. $700 and 5 hours later we stumbled out into the light. At the door the bouncer stopped us. There we were pretty intoxicated, discombobulated from being up all night, and very surprised to see daylight and we are getting hassled by 2 guys the size of fridges. It turns out Bud had only given one girl $75 for 3 hours in the VIP room which was cool with the girl but not cool with the club, so Bud had to cough up another $75. Still $450 short of what it should have cost him. The cabbie that drove as back said "Damn kid you hustled those bitches" :S

The stripclub is a wacko place. I had been to one before in Denver and found it mildly amusing but I was generally unsure why people would want to go. The same kind of held true for the one in Vegas. The girls were some of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. Then added to that fact they were naked. It was fun, but at the same time it is very odd taking to people with no clothes on and giving them lots of money just to be naked. On the other hand I did enjoy the naked girls very much at the time, and quite a bit of money at them. So it ends up a draw on whether or not the strip club was that great. However, it was my first time in Vegas so it seemed like the appropriate thing to do in Sin City.

The next night we woke up at about 6 pm. Feeling very odd from the sleep and alcohol, we went to a giant buffet. It had so much food it was crazy. After sitting there for a while we decided to go cruise the strip. First though we put some money on the Final Four game. We took Duke, who covered the spread by 1 point with a 3 pointer at the buzzer. We then grabbed some beer and walked down the strip looking at all the hotels. First We went to the Bellagio. It is incredibly pimp. Just marble and hot blondes everywhere. We went through the Monet exhibit there. It was a special exhibit and very worth the time. I love how Monet manages to bring beauty to the everyday through the capture of light and color. After that we walked down to the Mirage so I could see the white Tigers. Then back to the New York New York to go on the roller coaster.

Roller Coaster was awesome, after that played some more blackjack, then headed over to the Luxor and played craps. After that stumbled outside and caught a cab over to the downtown area. So there we were at 5:30 in the morning by the giant cowboy underneath the light awning and the only people there were us and a bum. We went to starbucks then headed back to our hotel.

Next morning I woke up, went and played some blackjack, bet against the avs (which I won) and then got Bud up. We went to the Hoover Dam. It is incredible. It manages to combine the beauty and grace of modern construct and industrial design seemlessly with the natural world. It was a incredible merging of the two.

We did that and finished off the day by walking down to the Venitian to see the Guggenheim collection exhibit there. It had a range from monet, picasso, van gogh, delaunay, braque etc. It was a great gallery. I was highly impressed with it. I wish we could have seen the permanent exhibit that is usually at the Bellagio also, but it was gone because of the Monets.

After that we finished it off with some more blackjack, then the flight home. I got home and the gf came over. Then school and working out today.

All in all I am not sure what I thought of Vegas. It was fun but erie. It was like no other place I've ever been. Such a mash of humanity of different races, economic classes, and values. I dont think I want to go back any time soon, though being at school today in the drab boring surroundings, I did feel a pang of want for the flashing neon, stimulation of the senses, and overall entertainment assault that Vegas provided.

Thu, Apr. 8th, 2004 09:31 am (UTC)

I can't believe you bet against the avs. You're dead to me. DEAD TO ME! Anyway, it sounds like an interesting time. Did you tell the girl about the strip club? I'm sure she'd love that. I used to have this friend who grew up in Vegas. She turned out to be crazy.

It must have put an interesting new perspective on things, coming back to old b-town. It's certainly different here.