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Sun, Mar. 28th, 2004, 07:32 am
Back to school

Spring break is finally over.

I am not sure if I am happy or not about it. I like school, but I also do not like all the stress that I have during school. In a perfect world I'd just sit and learn when I feel like it, and not be graded, but since that isn't going to happen it looks like I'll be sucking it up and going in about 2 hours.

Things have been going up and down. Thursday had another one of our classic "Lets go play pool and have a couple of beers" leading into a all night drink-a-thon. I was pretty happy about in all in all. I had alot of fun, was with people I liked the whole time, and it was just all around a great night. The next morning for the 7 hours of work wasn't that great, but it was worth it. Only complaint was the 2nd place we went too was every rich girl/guy in boulder smashed into one place. Then there we were all dirty from work. We only went there because we were meeting some people there. I probably will try to avoid going back there unless there is some very very vital reason to go.

Friday night got into another fight with the gf. Whole reason was is I was having dinner with my parents and some of their friends. I was having a good time. She said she wanted to spend some time with me since I was going to be gone the next weekend. I left early and went over. Then instead of spending time together we went over to her friends. We started arguing and didn't get it worked out until the next day. On saturday I went over and we talked about it all. We used to never fight, but basically all the things she is going through is having a toll on her. I am just going ot try to not pursue stuff that I know will lead to an argument. Probably on Friday night I shouldn't have been as much of a smart ass as I was, instead should have tried to explain why I was mad. I do that alot, end up just making sarcastic smart ass comments if I get really mad in a argument instead of calming down and explaining my position. Hopefully I can make some headroom.

Sunday was pretty fun. I went to work for a while, came home ordered a pizza and rented a couple movies. First was Gandhi which I had never seen before. I was pretty blown away by it. I really want to read more about him now and his philosophies. I never understood his importance before watching that movie. The idea of nonviolent change and its effects was very thought provoking. Also rented 21 grams, the gf came over and we watched it but I had been up since 6 and it was 11pm then and I fell asleep. I'll watch it tonight when I get home from school I think.

I also have a dentist appointment which sucks :P. It is just to get part of a retainer removed still the dentist annoys me. I hate having someone's hands crammed down my whole throat. Last time I forgot to wear my contacts so I had to take off my glasses. Im just sitting on this uncomfortable chair bright lights burning my retinas, my eyes seeing nothing but multi-colored blurbs, then all of a sudden 2 hands are shoved down my esophagus. My dentist is super happy also which makes me despise him even more because he seems to be taking a sick delight in ruining my afternoon. You have to enjoy torturing people to be a dentist I've decided. I didn't think so before I even started this paragraph but now that I am at the end I am sure that you do.

It's almost time to wake up lazy from bed. She'll sleep until noon unless I wake her. It kinda annoys me since I am pretty much a morning person. I like to be up and doing stuff by 9 at the absolute latest. It seems like the day is longer that way, plus everything is nicer in the morning. The world is fresh, light cracking the horizon, just there waiting to have a great day.

Mon, Mar. 29th, 2004 10:55 pm (UTC)

My dentist looks like Jim Carrey. He talks like someone else though. I used to have this dentist named Dr. Nail. He was pretty crazy, and I remember his name scared me a lot.

Anyway. I wish you would stop getting in fights with your girlfriend. I know how it is, though. I think it's just a stage that every relationship goes through. It's a pisser, but you'll get through it just fine.
<3 Your mistress.