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Fri, Mar. 12th, 2004, 04:49 pm

This has been a crazy week.
Monday started off on the weird note as previously described. I then got a hold of my girl friend and she told me she read a email from one of the guy who died's friends. It made her wig out and that is why she left in a huff. I went to school etc. and then went down and visited her that afternoon/night. First we went and saw starsky and hutch which I thought was very funny. Then we went to the mall and to chilis. Then I had to go and everything seemed cool. She wanted me to come down on Wednesday and I told her I probably thought I could.

Tuesday night, I had a bunch of stuff to do this week so I told her I couldn't come the next day. She seemed fine.

Wednesday, school, did hw, normal day. I talk to gf she asks if she and a friend can come over. I tell her I am busy with schoolwork and dont really want to see them. Bad move. We talk it out, and she seems to understand why. She does ask me out of the blue if I am cheating on her. I am shocked and say no. Somehow since my life is full I must have another gf according to her friends. I get kinda mad because I feel bad enough not giving her enough time, I couldn't possibly maintain another girl. One is alot of work. She asks if I can come for the memorial services either thursday or saturday, but I already have to work those two days. Getting a shift covered is near impossible so there is no chance of someone covering.

Thursday, school, boxing, work, lifting. again, normal.

Friday, insanity. Well, thats not entirely true. The day started out nice. It was beautiful out, I went to starbucks in the morning, drank some coffee got all my homework done, then went to noodles and company with my mom for lunch. Classes went easy, I had a really long physics homework but got it all done and had fun doing it. I usually do my homework with the same people on friday afternoons and they are pretty cool so even though physics is annoying, at least that aspect is fun. I come home play some cs for a hour. I then go with my family out to dinner to a Indian place for my dad's birthday that happened last week. We all had a good time. I then come home and it starts.

First I get a call from my girlfriend and she is obviously very drunk. She hardly ever drinks, but I think because of her week she went all out. First comment "Why don't you love me anymore?" I was pretty tired but confused. Just because I don't devote all my time to her doesn't mean I dont love her. In fact before this week me having a very busy schedule was never a issue at all. Then she ranted that she wasn't good enough for me, and she was fat. Then she said if I wanted to break up with her because I didn't love her that was ok. I tell her I dont want to break up with her, I do love her and why is she being like this. She kinda rants a bit, then her friend takes over the phone. I relay messages through her friend but she is very convinced I don't love her and want to leave her. This goes on for a while then the conversation ends and I turn off my phone because i have to be to work in 5 hours and I need sleep.

I wake up to 3 messages. One from her friend saying oh well guess you are asleep. Next one is from the gf saying "You dont love me anymore etc. etc." Then another one from the gf saying to the effect I've called you 8 times and you haven't picked up you dont care or love me I am breaking up with you."

I call her friend first and talk about what happened. She said the gf was mad I wasn't there all week etc. She says the gf is breaking up with me because she thinks that is what I want her to do.

Eventually I get a hold of the gf. The first conversation is me "Did you really mean all that?" Her "Yes" Me "I do love you etc." A customer comes in so I have to call her back.

2nd conversation goes better and I tell her I am going to see her tonight. I tell her I love her goodbye, and she says she loves me too.

Work the rest of the morning. Then after work talk to the gf's friend. She tells me the gf doesn't want to break up with me, she doesn't know why she did it except she thought I wanted it. Also she tells me the gf's mother tells her she isn't good enough for me, and I am going to dump her constantly. When the gf told her parents about it this morning her dad was upset she broke up with me, and her mom said to the effect good he is too good for you, better you two break up now, then he dumps you later. However, she says the gf is going to talk to me about it all tonight but she doesn't want to break up.

So that is where I now am. I just got done lifting, going to finish some homework up, then when the gf gets off work, go deal with the situation.

Tue, Mar. 16th, 2004 06:36 pm (UTC)

Yea gfs seem to do weirder things then most people though :P.
I have thought about the situation quite a bit. I do love her and want to be with her. However, with the quickness she introduced the turmoil it just made me realize that I can only plan for myself in the future, whereas before I thought in terms of us. Sucky way to realize these things but better now then never I suppose.